Strengths of the region

Mid-Norway has a long tradition in hydro and the oil and gas industy. Mid-Norway has competent and cooperative workforce with the intellectual power, the power to execute and the manpower. This gives our region its competitive advantage! The available workforce accounts for approx. 250,000.


Our region has had strong international ties since ancient times. Our location near the North Sea and Baltic Sea area allows us to be accessible as well as an advantage for working with both wind and offshore engineering.


Mid-Norway is an academic region with 35,000 students. Norway´s oldest and largest technology university, NTNU, and Northern Europe’s largest independent research facility, SINTEF, are important institutions for both technology education and research.


Mid-Norway has a commercial and international businesses environment, with significant expertise in the offshore industry. One of the biggest corporations in the wind initiative, G.E. is located in the region, in addition to experienced partners, such as Aker Solutions. These companies and many others make up Wind Cluster Mid-Norway.


“Without Mid-Norway our history books would only have their covers“, goes one Norwegian expression. The same applies to the history of Norwegian wind power. NTNU constructed the first measuring station for wind energy in 1982. The first wind energy projects were launched in Mid-Norway back in the 80’s. As of 2010, 76% of all Norwegian wind energy installments are located in Mid-Norway.