Om VinderTec AS

VinderTec AS is a company within Norwegian lift inspection. Our deliverables are Statutory inspection of lifting gear and lifting equipment acc. to regulation lay down by the Norwegian Labour inspection, Norwegian maritime directorate (NMD) and the Petroleum safety authorities (PSA).

VinderTec AS is approved as an Enterprise of competence according to Norwegian Labour inspection rules by Kiwa Technology Institute for certification, with approval code SV-183.

VinderTec`s services
For our clients within the wind turbine industry we can offer statutory inspection of lifting gear and lifting equipment.

The services contain:

  • Inspection before the lifting gear is taken into use the first time and verification of relevant documentation.
  • Annual thorough inspection
  • Inspection after refurbishment and major overhaul
  • General advisory

Approved enterprise of Competence​

    • G4 Bridge and Gantry cranes​
    • G7 Winches, hoist and tackles​
    • G10 Handrivven lifting appliances
    • G12, Studio and overhead rigs​
    • G20 General purpose cranes​
    • RX Lifting equipment, all types​ (G11)
    • PX Personnel lifts, all types​
    • BHX Construction sites lift/elevators​
    • HX Hengestillas
    • KX Klatrestilas


    • Approved in Achilles JQS og Achilles UNCE

VinderTec AS has together with Norwegian Lift Inspection AS totally 40 inspectors located all over Norway.

Offices in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Tromsø, Hamar, Bodø and Skien