Company Light Structures AS
Location Oslo
Website http://www.lightstructures.biz/
Phone Number +47 934 84 828
Contact Person Geir Sagvolden
Short description

Light Structures was founded in 2001 and is one of the worlds leading suppliers of fiber optic hull and structure monitoring systems. Our main office is located in Oslo, Norway and solutions are sold trough a dedicated net of partners and agents worldwide.

Company LINKftr AS
Location Trondheim
Website http://www.linkftr.com/
Phone Number +4793401002
Contact Person Grim Gjønnes
Short description

LINKftr builds software for structural integrity (or fatigue and fracture) assessment in oil, gas, wind power, hydropower, automotive, aerospace, and maritime transport.

Company Lloyd´s Register Consulting – Energy AS
Location Oslo/Trondheim
Website http://www.lr.org/en/consulting
Phone Number +47 40 00 35 00
Contact Person Arve Sandve
Short description

Lloyd’s Register Consulting helps companies improve safety and asset performance. Our wide industry experience enables us to help reduce risk and enhance reliability throughout asset lifecycles. Our experts worldwide provide independent advisory services and software products worldwide. Drawing on more than four decades of experience from the oil & gas industry, the wider energy sector, transportation and various process industries, we are well placed to advice on asset and risk management in a life-cycle perspective. Our experience within the wind industry covers both onshore and offshore installations in Scandinavia and the UK supporting asset owners and developers with asset performance and risk management services. We are part of the Lloyd’s Register Group with access to a unique global network of experts.

Company Maintech AS
Location Trondheim
Website http://www.maintech.no/
Phone Number +47 73 95 67 50
Contact Person Jan Erik Salomonsen
Short description

MainTech supports operating companies in establishing structure and self-improving processes in their operations-and maintenance planning. The company is located in Trondheim Mid Norway.

Company Midt-Norsk Helikopterservice AS
Location Verdal
Website http://www.mnhs.no/
Phone Number +4797403500
Contact Person Odd Arne Lyng
Short description

Company Minoko AS
Location Levanger
Website http://www.minoko.no/
Phone Number +47 74 08 54 00
Contact Person Hågen Lynum
Short description

Minoko AS leverer tjenester innenfor industridesign, produktutvikling, konstruksjon og prototyping.

Company MKR Gruppen
Location Sundsvall
Website http://www.mkrgruppen.se/
Phone Number +46 060-513520
Contact Person Gustaf Ekberg
Short description

Company Multiconsult
Location Trondheim
Website http://www.multiconsult.no/
Phone Number +47 93 61 88 83
Contact Person Solveig Ulseth
Short description

Multiconsult can assist with all phases of wind power projects, from business development through to implementation, including feasibility studies, concept studies, preliminary and detailed design, tender preparation, environmental studies, site supervision and construction management.

Company Nexans Norway AS
Location Oslo
Website http://www.nexans.no/
Phone Number +4722886100
Contact Person Bård Lillehaug
Short description

Nexans Norway AS is a leading supplier of power, telecommunications, installations and heating cables in Norway, and is among the world’s leading manufacturers of offshore control cables and high-voltage submarine cables. The company’s head office is inOslo, and it has manufacturing plants at Rognan, Namsos, Langhus, Karmøy and Halden. The company has approx. 1,410 employees and organised into three divisons: Market Line, Hybrid Underwater Cables and Submarine High Voltage. More information on www.nexans.no.

Company Norsk Automatisering AS
Location Trondheim
Website http://www.norskautomatisering.no/
Phone Number +47 918 97 296
Contact Person Amund Skavhaug
Short description

Norsk Automatisering as (NAAS) was founded as a public company in August 2009. The main product is various means for Decision support. NAAS has participated in a number of r&d projects, both with private companies and the public sector, while working on its own core technologies. Currently the main product for the Wind Energy sector is a system for Remote Presence, i.e. remote inspections, maintenance etc through the use of a small robot. NAAS is partner in the EU project LEANWIND (started in December 2013, with 31 partners and a total budget of 15M €).

Company Norsk Transformator
Location Steinkjer
Website http://www.nortrafo.no/
Phone Number +47 74 17 04 00
Contact Person Rune Evjen
Short description

Sales, developement, manufactoring, rediness and service / repairs of transformers for industry, energy suppliers and energy distribution.

Company Norwegian Center of Expertice Instrumentation
Location Trondheim
Website http://www.ncei.no/
Phone Number +47 911 70 381
Contact Person Torbjørn Akersveen
Short description

The NCE Instrumentation cluster represents high-tech knowledge within the field of instrumentation. The partners are suppliers of instrumentation, management- and automation solutions for a large a number of applications.

Company Peikko Norge AS
Location Drammen
Website http://www.peikko.no/
Phone Number +47 32 20 88 80
Contact Person Gunnar Moen
Short description

Peikko is a world class company providing wind turbine foundation concepts. You as turbine distributor, investor or main constructor can utilize the foundation concept in your projects for all turbine types

What does this unique concept means in practice? For the customer it means only one partner to carry risks with the most requiring area: the Peikko design and anchoring components. Also risk management with needed documentation is included to concept.

Wind turbines and turbine towers are getting bigger and higher – and so are fatigue loads and risks of foundation defects. Fatigue load design is always demanding and grows even more complicated with extreme tower heights. Typically today the foundation is made of components from different suppliers, which increases the risk of delays in lead time. Sharing of responsibilities among many suppliers and contractors can create conflicts.

Wouldn’t it be easier to have your foundation made of components that are fully integrated with each other, with the service also including the design? One supplier, for clear responsibilities. Peikko has made this possible!

Wind tower foundations are under high dynamic loads throughout their life cycle. To ensure the functionality of the foundation, the design and all the critical components have to meet strict requirements. Peikko’s post-tensioned FatBar bolt system is much safer than are the traditional embedded steel bolts, which still are often used in onshore steel tower foundations. The safety aspect of the post-tensioning system has increased the use of post-tensioning systems in general. The major wind turbine manufacturers are leading this development.

Peikko has optimized the wind turbine foundation as a total solution. The cost-effectiveness and reliability of Peikko’s foundation solution is a result of extensive R&D work alongside wind turbine manufacturers and engineering partners.

Company Proactima AS
Location Trondheim
Website http://www.proactima.no/
Phone Number +4799523886
Contact Person Jens Thomas Sagør
Short description

THE PROACTIMA WAY: Our aim is to help our clients to better manage their own risks. Good management requires competence, methods and practical experience. Proactima delivers that through consulting services, tools and training.

Our consultants are recognized by

– Professionalism – we have leading experts in all our specialist disciplines.

– Diverse backgrounds – specialist competence in at least one of the company’s service areas.

Proactima can deliver a broad range of services related to field exploration and planning, field development and operations, e.g.

enterprise and project risk management
HSEQ management
emergency preparedness
occupational health

Company Promek AS
Location Smøla
Website http://www.promek.no/
Phone Number +4771544444
Contact Person Svein Roksvåg
Short description

Promek is a leading manufacturer of work boats and custom aluminum boats up to 20 meters. The boats we produce are known for their high quality. The main market for Promek AS aquaculture industry, but the company also has significant supplies to other industries in Norway and Scandinavia.

Company Reinertsen AS
Location Trondheim
Website http://www.reinertsen.no/
Phone Number +47 81 55 21 00
Contact Person Morten Bjerkås
Short description

Reinertsen supplies services within the market area of oil & gas and industry, civil construction and transportation/infrastructure. Reinertsen supply services throughout the value chain from conceptual studies, project development and engineering, through to construction, installation and maintenance during operation.

Company Rope Access Sverige AB
Location Stockholm
Website http://www.ropeaccess.se/
Phone Number +46 (0)8 796 9210
Contact Person Martin Sjöblom
Short description

Rope Access Sverige AB is one of the leading companies in northern europe when it comes to service, maintenance and repair of rotor blades and wind turbine towers.

The company was founded in 1997 and provide all kind of works in «hard to reach» areas within the wind turbine sector, with focus in qualified structural composite repairs of rotor blades.

As a proud service provider for some of the worlds leading wind turbine manufactures, such as Vestas, Siemens and Enercon, Quality is allways our main focus together with the most cost effective solution for our customers.

We carry out work tasks from inspection and repairs using rope access work method, to advanced structural composite repairs using mobile suspension platforms, With all resourses needed availible within our company.

Company Sarens Norway
Location Verdal, Kristiansund, Ålesund, Haugesund og Stavanger
Website http://www.sarens.no/
Phone Number + 47 906 80 360
Contact Person Roger Hågensen
Short description

The Sarens Group is a recognized worldwide leader in heavy lifting and engineered transport. With state of the art equipment and value engineering, Sarens offers its customers creative solutions to today»s heavy lift and transport challenges. Sarens» success lies in its entrepreneurial spirit ; «Nothing too heavy, nothing too high!»

Company Sparebank1 SMN
Location Trondheim
Website http://www.smn.no/
Phone Number +47 07373
Contact Person Atle Mjøsund
Short description

Sparebank1 SMN is Mid-Norway’s largest bakn with assets totaling NOK 94 Billion at the end of first half of 2010. Head office is in Trondheim and the Group employs about 1,000 staff.

Company Tore Løkke A/S
Location Revsnes
Website http://www.lokke.com/
Phone Number +47 72534050
Contact Person Tore Løkke
Short description

Company Tore Løkke A/S was founded in 1967 and a corporation from 1982.
The company aims to conduct construction activities within the construction industry. Our company has extensive experience in various types of construction activities.We are doing both small and large contracts and has one of Mid-Norway’s largest and most modern machinery.