Company Alupro-N AS
Location Trondheim
Phone Number +47 924 56 109
Contact Person Kent-André Bomann

Short description

Alupro-N AS develop and produce aluminium products with low weight and high strength.

With our special forming process we combine close-die-forming with extrusion to manufacture components with variable wall thickness and integrated solid end sections. This is done with a variety of high strength  aluminium alloys such as 7xxx- and 6xxx-alloys, heat- and surface treated.

Our competence and deliveries spreads from aluminium material knowledge to completion of finished aluminium products, and is supported by more than 30 years of experience.

Company CNC-Produkter AS
Location Leksvik
Phone Number +47 74 85 40 00 / +47 90 57 77 10
Contact Person Arvid P. Steen, Manager

Short description

CNC-Produkter AS provides all types of CNC- machining, from “one of a kind” to larger series. Turning and milling in 4- and 5- axis machines. Long time of experience from deliveries to offshore industries

Company Deepwater Norway AS
Location Verdal
Phone Number +47 902 45 119
Contact Person Svenn Magne Wigen

Short description

Deepwater designs and manufactures cathodic protection systems for offshore and marine assets, specializing in the development of innovative retrofit technology for aging assets in need of life extension.

Founded in 1986, Deepwater is a full-service offshore corrosion-control company providing the oil and gas industry with expertise in cathodic protection and asset-integrity management. Using our own proprietary product designs, we have focused on developing innovative methods and new products to improve upon lagging industry standards, resulting in a much more reliable and cost-effective approach to offshore corrosion prevention. From corrosion inspection services to engineering and turnkey project management, Deepwater provides design, manufacturing, consulting, logistics and installation supervision in all of the world’s main market areas.

Company Delprodukt AS
Location Verdal
Phone Number + 47 72 85 75 70
Contact Person Terje Skjevik / Ole Solbakken

Short description

Delprodukt AS offers all types of machining, sheet-metal and welding services. Expiriences from ship building,offshore-, wind- and hydro industries. Delprodukt are building a manufacturing centre for steel towers for wind turbines located at Verdal.

Company DnB NOR Bank ASA
Location Trondheim
Phone Number 03000
Contact Person Tor Arne Haugen & Ruth Karin S. Sørlie

Short description

DnB NOR is Norway’s largest financial services group with total combined assets of NOK 2 141 billion. Our business counts more than 2.3 million retail customers and 200 000 corporate customers. DnB NOR has a substantial Nordic, European and global presence. We have a long and significant experience in being a partner for Norwegian companies abroad and for large international companies in Norway. Through our International network of 13 branches and representative offices we aim to be a major international player in selected sectors, including a position as one of the world’s leading banks for the shipping and energy sector. Through DnB NORD we do have operations in Poland and the Baltic states, and our presence in north-West Russia are run through DnB NOR Monchebank.

Company DNV KEMA
Location Høvik
Phone Number +47 67 57 99 00
Contact Person Marte de Picciotto

Short description

DNV KEMA’s wind energy consulting and wind certification teams have been contributing to the successful growth of the global wind energy industry by providing a full range of services for developers, manufacturers, owners, and financiers investing in wind energy. Our wind energy consulting services cover the entire life-cycle of wind projects and include wind resource assessment, wind project due diligence, development assistance, owner’s engineering, accredited testing and instrumentation, wind turbine engineering, marine advisory services, asset management, and health, safety & environment (HSE). Our accredited wind turbine and wind project certification teams perform independent verification to ensure designs are compliant to established industry standards and then issue certificates of compliance.

Company E.ON Vind Sverige AB
Location Malmö, Sverige
Phone Number +46 702 94 61 63
Contact Person Camilla Rasmusson

Short description

Company Endúr AAK
Location Laksevåg
Phone Number +47 414 21 991
Contact Person Håvard Fosse

Short description

Endur AAK is a 20 year old international service company in oil and gas business based in Norway with the objective og performing its core business within following areas; inspections services, rig management, spescialized engineering, training, inspect&repair workshops within subsea and lifting eguipment and maintenance. The companies in Endur AAK constitute a team of highly qualified engineers, inspectors, multi-skilled technicians, and training instructors with a unique competence. Experience of Alfa Ventus windpark in Germay; engineering, installation of spreaders, and lifting support. Experience of Smøla windpark in Norway; delivery and installation of fixed access systems, delivery of training of personnel and procedure for safe access, rescue, and maintenance routines.

Company Energy Innovation
Location Egersund
Phone Number +47 915 91 714
Contact Person Frank Emil Moen

Short description

Energy Innovation AS is situated at Egersund Energy Hub, a centre for training, certification, education, operation & mainatinace, development and innovation in the field of on- and offshore wind. Togehter with Westcon Lifting Technique, Energy Innovation offers numerous training modules according to the BZEE standards and Global Wind Organisation (GWO) standards ISO29990, including GWO Basic Safety Training, GWO Advanced Rescue and Boat Transfer Training according to GWO.

Through the consortium of businesses at Egersund Energy Hub we provide a number of services for the wind industry in the Scandinavian marked: Foundation & Rock Adapter installation, blade inspection & blade repair and washing of WTG through Rope Access, GWO BTT hydraulics, electronics and mechanics (in ex. bolt tensioning) and sales and rental of CE approved standard equipment. Diving services (down to 50 meter) for offshore wind is also available. A new 8000 m2 building complex for Egersund Energy Hub is now under construction and will be ready for grand opening summer 2020. In this complex the Vocational Education & Training of Wind Technicians through Dalane videregående skole will be situated.

We provide the following courses:

GWO Working at Heights
GWO First Aid
GWO Fire Awareness
GWO Manual Handling
GWO Advanced Rescue (from May/June 2019)
GWO Sea Survival (2019)
Boat Transfer Training according to GWO
Others: Fall protection & fall rescue, hot works and others (just ask us)
Energy Innovation offers also assistance in business development and innovation in energy and environmental technology. We cooperate closely with NORCE (formerly IRIS – International Research Institute of Stavanger) and other Norwegian and foreign research institutes.

Company Eolus Vind Norge AS
Location Stjørdal
Phone Number +46 010 199 88 41
Contact Person Richard Larsson

Short description

Eolus Vind AB is one of the leading actors in planning, projecting and establishing wind power plants in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries.
Since its beginning in 1990 Eolus has been involved in installing 300 wind power plants. Eolus is also running an offshore wind park project (Blekinge offshore) with the capacity to produce about 8 TWh yearly.
During the years Eolus have sold off most of the wind turbines established by the company.

Today Eolus operates as:
– Developer of wind power projects
– Owner of wind turbines
– Consultants in developing wind power projects, operating wind farms, financing and administration.

Company Ferrx AS
Location Trondheim
Phone Number +47 93 24 51 26
Contact Person Harald Horn

Short description

Ferrx has developed a unique method for monitoring deterioration in steel. The new and patented technology called FEMM (Ferrx ElectroMagnetic Method) is designed for monitoring steel structures onshore or offshore, topside or subsea, and provides for the structures’ actual condition without the use of advanced modelling and analysing tools.
The FEMM technology is well suited for long term unattended autonomous monitoring of remote locations e.g. wind towers or subsea pipes with sensors having a lifetime equal to that of the monitored object itself. It is also well suited for harsh environments like high temperature pipes in refineries. The FEMM IT (Inspection Technology) provides for a flexible concept for monitoring a high number of inspection points by a portable instrument.

Company Folla Tech AS
Location Verran
Phone Number +47 74 12 30 20
Contact Person Olav Dehli

Short description

Folla Tech supply services within: Wear engineering, Mobile machining, Renovation and maintenance of process equipment, Assembly and installation of mechanical control and production equipmentfor anchor-handling and supply vessels.

Company FORCE Technology Norway AS
Location Trondheim
Phone Number +47 64 00 35 00
Contact Person Leiv Låte

Short description

FORCE Technology Norway AS is a global technology and service provider within offshore and land based industry. Our operations relate to technology products and consulting services. FORCE Technology Norway is a subsidiary of FORCE Technology Denmark. FORCE Technology is represented globally with more than 1200 employees, and is a complete technology provider with a multidisciplinary capability

Company Fosdalen Industrier AS
Location Malm
Phone Number +47 74 12 30 60
Contact Person Ola Kr. Folladal

Short description

Fosdalen Industries is a supplier of welded steel structures for on and offshore projects. The company has extensive experience as a serious supplier and subcontractor.

Company Fosen Verkstedsenter AS
Location Åfjord
Phone Number +47 911 336
Contact Person Arild Hegdal

Short description

Fosen Verkstedsenter AS er et autorisert stor- og personbilverksted i Åfjord, i Åfjord kommune. I tillegg er verkstedet i Dekkmann-kjeden og er kompetent på alt innen dekkarbeid. Verkstedet er i dag 10 ansatte og omsetter for ca 16 mill. nok pr år. Verkstedet holder til i moderne lokaler bygget i 2011, og de er ISO14001 sertifisert

Company Grette
Location Oslo, Norway
Phone Number +47 22 34 00 00
Contact Person Jacob S. Bjønness-Jacobsen

Short description

Grette is a Norwegian law firm which offers key expertise in all the central areas of commercial law. All our lawyers come from extensive, broad-based backgrounds but are specialists in different fields. Grette emphasises personal service and close cooperation based on trust and without formal barriers.

Company Hansen Protection AS
Location Moss, Norway
Phone Number +47 69 00 13 00
Contact Person Knut Aasle

Short description

Hansen Protection is the world’s biggest manufacturer of survival and immersion suits. Our company’s headquarter and main production facility is in Moss, 40km south of Oslo. A wide collection of high quality suits for all occasions, both in emergency and daily work in exposed positions at sea.

Hansen Protection’s expertise in engineering of fabrics and materials has made possible a flexible range of work suits especially suitable for the various tasks within the windmill industry, from construction to operation and maintenance. The unique comfort and ergonomy in our suits is widely recognized. Our suits hold all relevant certifications for both shipping (IMO/Solas MED) and aviation (EASA ETSO).

Company Hexagon Devold AS
Location Langevåg
Phone Number +47 70 19 85 00
Contact Person Kåre Dypvik, CEO

Short description

Hexagon Devold supplies a wide range of fiber reinforcements to the composites market, including Carbon fibre, E-glass, High Modulus glass and Hybrid reinforcements. Wind energy is by far the largest market segment for Hexagon Devold. The company supplies stitched fiber reinforcement fabrics worldwide to the leading Wind Turbine Blade manufacturers using fiber from all major suppliers. Hexagon Devold Non Crimp Fabric (NCF) reinforcements are produced using multiaxial weft technology, allowing us to produce single and multiaxial reinforcement products that can be precisely tailored to our customer’s applications. The company has manufacturing locations in the Unites States and in Lithuania.

Company Høgskolen i Sør-Trøndelag
Location Trondheim
Phone Number +4773559025
Contact Person Arild Smolan

Short description

Company ICD Software
Location Ålesund, Trondheim, Tønsberg, Oslo, Gdansk, Tallinn
Phone Number +4748000810
Contact Person Morten Bygland

Short description

ICD Software provides developers with a reliable, complete framework for development of industrial control systems. Our CDP application will increase your team’s performance and ability to deliver end-user optimised and bug-free solutions – on time. In addition to providing the most resilient state-of-the-art application, we also design, develop and deliver complete control systems to a host of industries. Our all-encompassing project comes with the professionalism and expertise you would expect from the industry’s most visionary provider of control system technology.