CompanyVeidekke Entreprenør
Phone Number+47 910 08 598
Contact PersonErik Eiane
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Veidekke is one of Scandinavia’s largest construction and property development companies. The company undertakes all types of building and construction contracts, maintains roads and produces asphalt and aggregates. The company’s operations are characterised by involvement and local knowledge. Revenue is NOK 30 billion (2016), and half of the 7,400 employees own shares in the company. Veidekke is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange and has always posted a profit since it was founded in 1936.

CompanyVertikal Service AS
LocationVolda, Furene 24 -6105
Phone Number+47 911 90 143
Contact PersonÅsmund Vaage
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The Vertikal Service team brings with them a strong track-record in modification projects, integrity management, non-destructive testing, rope access- and inspection service.
Our wind department has carried out repair and maintenance projects on turbine blades for Statkraft and NTE.
Vertical Service has skilled turbine engineers with long operational experience in repair and power upgrade of wind turbine blades.

We combine cost-saving techniques and high performance rope access working-methods. Vertikal Service is certified by SSE (SOFT sertifisering AS) executive enterprise class A and B, and can thus perform rope work using advanced rope access methods in complex structures.

CompanyVinderTec AS
LocationOslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Tromsø, Hamar, Bodø and Skien
Phone Number+47 474 13 037
Contact PersonNina Leegaard
Short description

VinderTec AS is a company within Norwegian lift inspection. Our deliverables are Statutory inspection of lifting gear and lifting equipment acc. to regulation lay down by the Norwegian Labour inspection, Norwegian maritime directorate (NMD) and the Petroleum safety authorities (PSA).

VinderTec AS is approved as an Enterprise of competence according to Norwegian Labour inspection rules by Kiwa Technology Institute for certification, with approval code SV-183.

VinderTec`s services
For our clients within the wind turbine industry we can offer statutory inspection of lifting gear and lifting equipment.

The services contain:

  • Inspection before the lifting gear is taken into use the first time and verification of relevant documentation.
  • Annual thorough inspection
  • Inspection after refurbishment and major overhaul
  • General advisory

Approved enterprise of Competence​

    • G4 Bridge and Gantry cranes​
    • G7 Winches, hoist and tackles​
    • G10 Handrivven lifting appliances
    • G12, Studio and overhead rigs​
    • G20 General purpose cranes​
    • RX Lifting equipment, all types​ (G11)
    • PX Personnel lifts, all types​
    • BHX Construction sites lift/elevators​
    • HX Hengestillas
    • KX Klatrestilas


    • Approved in Achilles JQS og Achilles UNCE

VinderTec AS has together with Norwegian Lift Inspection AS totally 40 inspectors located all over Norway.

Offices in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Tromsø, Hamar, Bodø and Skien

CompanyVitec AS
Phone Number+47 45 48 46 00
Contact PersonBjarne Bjørnbakk
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Since May 2000 Vitec has been a reliable and preferred partner for onshore and offshore industry. Vitec is a complete supplier of services within Non Destructive Testing, welding technology, training of welders, surveying and dimensional control for construction and plant, and Competent Body for lifting equipment. By giving us the responsibility for these services, our customers can use their valuable human recourses for their main business. With our 67 highly skilled employees our customers can be sure that their safety is fulfilled. Our company is situated in Verdal Industry Park in the middle of Norway. Vitec is operating world wide.

CompanyWindsea AS
Phone Number+47 932 87 107
Contact PersonAnders Tørud
Short description

WindSea is a new concept for offshore wind mills. The concept is developed using the gained experience in the offshore industry. In particular fabrication, access, installation, and maintenance are key issues the concept will address.
The WindSea concept consists of a floating device supporting 3 wind mills. WindSea AS is established to develop, test and commercialize the WindSea floating windmill system. WindSea is owned by FORCE Technology and NLI, both leading players in their respective fields.

CompanyWSP Norge AS
Phone Number+47 72 59 70 00
Contact PersonAre-Magne Kregnes
Short description

WSP Norge er en av Norges ledende virksomheter innen profesjonell prosjektledelse. Selskapet leverer prosjektledelse, prosjektutvikling og prosjektrelaterte spesialisttjenester til offentlige og private aktører innen en rekke bransjer, hvorav de viktigste er bygg og anlegg, samferdsel, energi og industri. WSP Norge ble i januar 2016 del av det verdensledende tekniske rådgiverselskapet WSP, som har hovedkontor i Montreal, Canada. På verdensbasis har WSP-konsernet over 34.000 medarbeidere fordelt på 500 kontorer i 40 land. Det betyr at vi i tillegg til å være best på prosjektledelse i Norge, har en unik kompetanse og kapasitet fra en global ressursbase som gjør oss enda bedre rustet til å støtte våre oppdragsgivere.

CompanyÅF Engineering AS
Phone Number+47 24 10 10 10
Contact PersonKristin Villa
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Vi leverer rådgiving innen infrastruktur, bygg, industri og utvikling og analyse.
ÅF Engineering AS ble etablert i 2016 og er et heleid selskap i ÅF-gruppen med røtter tilbake til 1895.

ÅF Engineering har ca. 400 medarbeidere i Oslo, Trondheim, Lillestrøm, Sandefjord, Bergen og Tromsø.